Because Only Together We Can


what we do


- We Feed

we serve and distribute to hundreds of our Worcester-area neighbors (including children and needy once) who are experiencing hunger.


- We Build Networks

We distribute food products and meals through a network of community based organizations or NGOs that run institutional feeding programs.


- We Strengthen

We uniformly recognize the potential of working with the public sector, seek out committed government officials so that we can strengthen the community we have vision to build 


- We Educate

Education is one of the main functions of our institution. Education brings change and progress in society and country. We are committed to provide better education without any discrimination and malice.


- We Provide Care

We take care of the health of your education, we are committed to the country and society. Service religion is the identity of the institution.


- We Consult

It is the effort of the institution that the lives of the common people should be improved and improved. So that society and country become advanced and prosperous.

Who we are

The Good Work Social Welfare Society has been established on 5 May 2020 by Aniket Dubey and Ashish Shukla. The purpose of the institution is the identity of the institution. The institution has four cornerstones.

1) Education

2) Health

3) Employment opportunities

4) Providing food

After the hard work of the last four years, this institution was established on 5 May 2020 in association with the respected Ashish Shukla. Better education, health facilities, proper employment opportunities, and many other things in the society so that the society can become progressive.
Education has been considered as ‘Mahadan’, so the foundation of this institution has been laid with the aim of improving and improving the fields of education and health. In which the contribution of Mr. Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, treasurer and founder member of the institution is unforgettable. All officers and officials working in the institution and the organization are committed to serve all sections of the country without any discrimination. All decisions taken in the institution are made by the democratic system, the institution is committed to complete transparency.


Volunteer with us

Volunteerism plays an instrumental role to strengthen civic engagement and safeguards social inclusion. It also helps to deepen solidarity and solidifies ownership of development results. Volunteering has a ripple effect and inspires others and advances the transformations required for the SDGs to take root in communities.

GoodWork welcomes people to contribute their skills, time, talent and experience through our Volunteer Programme. At GoodWork we invite volunteers who must be at least 18 years of age and who are willing to commit time as required depending on the available opportunity.